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NUJ Financial Statements 2010

PDF 640kb

NUJ Financial Statements 2010

Rule Change Promulgations DM 2011

PDF 326kb

Rule changes passed at DM 2011 as promulgated by the NEC.

Final agenda debated at the Irish Biennial Delegate Conference 2011

PDF 90kb

The final agenda debated at the Irish Biennial Delegate Conference in October 2011.

Draft letter on late payments

DOC 24kb

Draft letter for freelance members to send to their MPs about proposed changes to Late Payment Fees: Directive 2011/7/EU.

Newsquest (Midlands South) Limited - Directors' Report and Financial Statements

PDF 513kb

Accounts for the Midlands South division of Newsquest.

BBC strike poster 2011

PDF 317kb

Poster for the BBC strike in July 2011.

BBC strike leaflet 2011

PDF 242kb

Strike leaflet for the BBC action in July 2011

Irish journalist Summer 2011 (part B)

PDF 837kb

The Irish Journalist Summer 2011 edition (part B).

Part A also available.

Irish journalist Summer 2011 (part A)

PDF 1797kb

The Irish Journalist Summer 2011 edition.

Part B also available.

Fair Use is not Fair Play

PDF 503kb

Submission to the Irish Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Copyright Review Committee by the National Union of Journalists.

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