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DM 2018 resolutions

PDF 287kb

The DM 2018 resolutions document contains all the final text of motions agreed at the union's sovereign decision-making conference, called 'delegate meeting'. These motions agreed inform the union's overall work programme and priorities for the next two years.

STV Ballot Results June 2018

PDF 114kb

STV Ballot Results June 2018

Minutes H&S 24 January 2018.pdf

PDF 49kb

Minutes H&S 24 January 2018.pdf

NUJ briefing on sexual harassment

PDF 513kb

This briefing on zero tolerance of sexual harassment is for members & reps.

The Irish Journalist May 2018

PDF 2550kb

The Irish Journalist May 2018

The Journalist May June 2018

PDF 6908kb

The Journalist Magazine- May June 2018

NUJ reps' training

PDF 1320kb

Leaflet outlining the range of courses for reps provided by the NUJ

Issue 23 NUJ Informed, May 2018

PDF 4310kb

News from the Delegate Meeting in Southport

TUC deal for working people -- map for the joining march

PDF 1778kb

NUJ members are assembling at Zone 12 on Victoria Embankment from 12 noon.

Immigration detention - NUJ submission

PDF 214kb

This is the NUJ submission to the Home Affairs parliamentary inquiry into immigration detention. The NUJ calls for access to detenntion centres for journalists. In September 2017, the committee held an evidence session inquiring into the running of Brook House Immigration Removal Centre, this was prompted by a BBC Panorama investigation.

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