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Dementia media guide

PDF 8774kb

The Alzheimer's Society has produced this guidance with input from NUJ members and the 60+ council

Gender Pay Gap briefing

PDF 485kb

Briefing on NUJ's line on gender pay gap reporting, plus precis of the Government Equalities Office "what works" guide for employers: Reducing the gender pay gap and improving gender equality in organisations,evidence-based actions for employers

The Irish Journalist September 2018

PDF 1141kb

The Irish Journalist September 2018 PDF

NUJ student leaflet (updated Sept 2018)

PDF 44kb

This is the latest version of the NUJ student leaflet that can be use to recruit new members.

NUJ submission to the Cairncross review

PDF 283kb

This is the NUJ's full submission to the Cairncross review and inquiry into sustainable, high quality journalism in the UK.

Mental health and the workplace - TUC guide

PDF 2726kb

This second edition of Mental Health and the Workplace has been updated to keep pace with the changing world of work. The workbook is for all workplace reps and helps to explain what they can do to support those in the workplace with mental health problems.

Your rights as an apprentice - TUC guide

PDF 1375kb

A booklet for apprentices and people looking to undertake an apprenticeship.

RFT October 2018

PDF 764kb


Counter-Terrorism & Border Security Bill - NUJ briefing for MPs

PDF 116kb

This is the NUJ's briefing for MPs for the debate in the House of Commons on 11 September 2018 about the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill. The union is concerned by a range of proposals contained within the bill that could criminalise journalists and journalism, and have an adverse impact on press freedom and freedom of expression.

European Authors’ statement in support of the copyright directive

DOCX 106kb

Joint letter urging MEPs to vote for the copyright directive

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