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The NUJ’s Welsh Executive Council’s response to the BBC’s consultation on age-related TV licences

PDF 186kb

This response is in addition to the NUJ's main submission and concerns the effect of the BBC paying for free licences for over-75s on the funding of S4C.

Age-related TV licence policy public consultation

PDF 436kb

The BBC will be taking on the costs of the TV licences for over-75s. Over the next decade this will cost £1bn. The NUJ says the government must pay this benefit.

We Offer Support and Help: Welsh version

PDF 112kb

Recruitment poster (A4)
Rydym yn Cynnig Cefnogaeth a Chymorth

Press Freedom (bird image): Welsh version

PDF 63kb

Recruitment poster (A4)
Rhyddid y wasg

Journalists' rights: Welsh version

PDF 95kb

Recruitment poster (A4)
Hawliau Newyddiadurwyr

Respect at Work: Welsh version

PDF 217kb

Recruitment poster (A4)Parch yn y gwaith

Press Freedom: Welsh version

PDF 122kb

Recruitment poster (A4)
Rhyddid y wasg

Ending the pay gender gap: Welsh version

PDF 70kb

Recruitment poster (A4)
Rhoi Terfyn ar y Bwlch Cyflog Rhwng y Rhywiau

Be part of a collective voice: Welsh version

PDF 60kb

Recruitment poster (A4) Bod yn Rhan o Lais Cyfunol

Networking: Welsh version

PDF 61kb

Recruitment poster (A4) Rhwydweithio

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