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Heart unions week #heartNUJ

Heart unions week #heartNUJ


7 February 2017

The TUC have organised a heart unions week of action from Wednesday 8 to Tuesday 14 February 2017.

The week is aimed at promoting the benefits of trades unionism and the NUJ will use the week as an opportunity to recruit new members.







Not a member? Time to join the NUJ:

The National Union of Journalists is the voice for journalism and for journalists across the UK and Ireland working at home and abroad in all sectors of the media as freelances, casuals and staff in newspapers, news agencies, broadcasting, magazines, online, book publishing, in public relations, communications, and as photographers.

The union represents a broad range of media professionals. For more information about the job types and roles that are eligible for NUJ membership, visit the about page of our website.

The NUJ was founded in 1907 and has more than 30,000 members.

If you have an interest in joining, but want more information, please complete this form and we will get in touch with you.

NUJ members - get in touch!

Please send us your own stories about how the NUJ has helped members where you are, or how a union rep has helped you. We want to hear about the union in action and about any unsung NUJ heroes out there.

Get in touch by emailing the NUJ's campaigns and communications department:

Print out the TUC speech bubble, write in your own words why you heartunions and send us your selfie to #heartNUJ

Download the heartunions logo to use in a picture, on a workplace notice board or local NUJ publicity

Join the NUJ Facebook group and the NUJ Linkedin group to share information on why you #heartNUJ

Follow @NUJofficial on twitter, tweet us why you #heartNUJ


To get ready for next week, there are a range of resources available to order or download from the TUC's heart unions website. Resources include pens, badges, t-shirts, caps, posters and recruitment leaflets.

Visit the TUC heart unions website to get your hands on the campaign materials.


I would recommend the NUJ to anyone thinking of working in journalism because you never know when in your career you’ll need someone fighting your corner.
Dom Senior

With the NUJ, you never have to go it quite alone.
Katharine Whitehorn

I joined the NUJ because I believe a united voice and action is more powerful than an individual.
Nicola Corless

If you don't join, you are getting a free ride on the hard work of generations of journalists who did. So just join.
Paul Mason

For me, the NUJ is a bulwark against exploitative employers and unethical journalism.
Norma Prendiville

Many companies have a divide and conquer strategy, so solidarity is vital. Journalism is – or should be – a noble profession. Our union must champion and protect that ideal.
Sue Doherty

Joining the NUJ is one of the best career decisions I've made. There is great peace of mind in knowing expert specialist support and advice is there if you need it.
Samira Ahmed

I wanted someone to stand by me and help me fight when my rights are/were/could be violated.
Sandra Murphy

I joined the NUJ because it's vital for journalists of all kinds to support one another.
Laurie Penny

The union membership ensures I’m informed on issues affecting other journalists and gives an opportunity to discuss these issues and instigate change.
Carol Byrne

I urge everybody to join out of professional pride and the reality we all may one day need the union's help.
Kevin Maguire

When I was fighting a court battle to protect my sources from being made known to the police, the NUJ was right behind me in court. Without its work, journalism in this country would be a far weaker institution.
Shiv Malik

I think every journalist should join the NUJ on their first day in work so they can stand alongside colleagues in seeking decent pay and conditions, campaign for better rights, support the union's wider work in defending good quality journalism - and to ensure they are never alone if a problem crops up.
Alan Jones

I know that my interests lie with my fellow workers and that's where my solidarity lies, too.
Cory Doctorow

Because I realise there is strength in numbers.
Rose Commissky

I joined the NUJ on my first day at work and I’ve never regretted it. In 29 years as a journalist, the union has been constantly by my side, a trusted friend in times of industrial strife, helping sort out issues in the newsroom and helping me chase payment from reluctant editors. But the NUJ isn’t just there for the bad times; it’s there for the good times, too. As well as standing up for our profession and promoting professional standards, I’ve made many friends and comrades through the NUJ and our sister unions. That’s why, this week, I’ll be celebrating as part of the TUC’s heartunions campaign.
Tim Lezard

Being a member of the NUJ whilst working at the BBC certainly makes life more bearable and saves the corporation money. Over the past few years, I’ve successfully negotiated phased returns to work for many members who have been off work ill for a long time. This has ensured that the corporation has retained all the skills and experience of all these individuals. This has opened the door for the corporation to then go on to develop and grow them even further. It has also saved the corporation money as they have all returned to productive working far earlier than otherwise would’ve been the case and less days have been lost through additional illness. Through myself and the wider union we provide additional support to members at perhaps the time they need it the most. We can ensure that they are fully informed about the help that is available for them through the BBC and outside and we demonstrate that no matter what the situation is that the individual member is facing, they’re facing it alongside someone else who can support and guide them through what could be one of the most difficult times of their and their family’s lives.
Keith Murray

NUJ comment:

Tim Dawson, NUJ president, kicks off the #heartunions, #heartNUJ week today and explains the benefits of membership and how he first got involved in the union.

NUJ member and rep, Mike Jempson, highlights what the union has to offer new members as he explains his participation in a wide-range of NUJ activity spanning 40 years.

NUJ photographer, Kevin Cooper, explains the meaning of union solidarity as part of the TUC's heart unions week.

Gerry Carson, PR rep, chair of the union's Belfast and district branch and joint chair of the Irish executive council, on why it is important being a member of a union for all those working in the various strands of the media and information services.

Donnacha DeLong explains how a new branch has encouraged a diverse group of members to get active in the NUJ.

Brian Williams, as part the TUC's heart unions week, explains trade union negotiations that allows the collective right to say bollocks to management.

NUJ rep and freelance member, Louise Bolotin, explains the benefits of union membership.

Dr Francis Sedgemore says: "Journalism can be a hard life, and this is certainly true for freelance workers. Collective action and information sharing is vital when it comes to securing rights, defending interests and promoting professional standards."

Frances O'Grady launches #heartunions week 2017 from Trades Union Congress on Vimeo.

Apply online for NUJ membership today:

We have five different categories of NUJ membership. Please select the category that applies to you.

If you have any problems filling in an online application, you can download a print version of the form.

If you are unable to fill out an application form online or in print, then you can contact the NUJ via email: or call: 020 7843 3737

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