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Freedom of movement for Palestinian journalists

Freedom of movement for Palestinian journalists

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7 August 2013

Freedom of movement campaign

The NUJ is backing a Palestinian journalists' petition calling for freedom of movement and recognition of press cards.

The NUJ calls on members and fellow trade unionists to sign, share and support the petition.

Jim Boumelha, IFJ President, said:

"It is unacceptable that Israeli authorities continue to reject media accreditation and press cards, including the IFJ's press card, when carried by Palestinian journalists, preventing them from accessing areas where news events are taking place and doing their jobs."

The petition, which will be sent to UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, is part of the campaign to end attacks against Palestinian journalists and defend their basic right to move freely both within and outside their land.

Beth Costa, IFJ general secretary, said:

"We urge IFJ members, and members of the public across the world, to sign this petition and back this campaign. It is a simple, quick act of solidarity that will show great support for Palestinian journalists."

The NUJ parliamentary group has tabled an Early Day Motion in support of the campaign.

The EDM states:

That this House notes that, on a daily basis, Israeli authorities restrict journalists' movements and there are hundreds of military checkpoints that constrain or forbid journalists' movements; further notes that despite the long standing campaigning by journalists and civil rights organisations, the Israeli authorities continue to reject identiy cards, accreditation and press cards, including the International Federation of Journalists press card, when carried by Palestinian journalists; condemns the continuous attacks by Israeli soldiers on Palestinian news gatherers, in particular photographers and camera crews, the level of attacks has increased during the first half of 2013, in 2012 the attacks involved rubber coated steel bullets, tear grenades and stun grenades; and reaffirms that freedom of movement is a central tenet of independent professional journalism and, in restricting such a right, Israeli authorities are in breach of international covenants and the right to report.

You can support the campaign by -

  • signing the petition
  • promoting the petition
  • writing to your local Member of Parliament (MP) to ask them to sign the EDM.

To find out the details of your local MP visit the They Work For You website.

If you would like to request the model letter for MPs asking them to support the campaign or would like to help to promote the cause then please get in touch with the NUJ campaigns and communications department via email.

Sign the petition today:

The petition has been launched in four languages:

Background information:

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