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NUJ delegate meeting


The NUJ's policy, objectives and campaigning priorities are decided at the NUJ conference – the delegate meeting (DM).

NUJ DM is the union’s main policy-making body. A member can volunteer to attend DM as a delegate and speak and vote on behalf of the members they are representing.

The NUJ is a democratic union: all members can influence policy. All members are entitled to attend branch meetings and branches can submit motions and amendments to conference.

Delegates can speak in debates, vote and ask questions. If a motion is passed, it becomes union policy. To prepare for DM every branch holds a special meeting to discuss arrangements for the conference.

Find the details of your local branch so you can contact your branch secretary and other union representatives. Any queries about DM please email:

Read the guide to the delegate meeting from the standing orders committee.

DM voting

Delegate Meeting (DM 2016) Southport

DM 2016 will take place in Southport from Thursday 14 April to Sunday 17 April 2016, including sector conferences. 

Nomination packs for DM-elected bodies will be distributed in September 2015.

Nomination packs for the national executive, industrial and other executive councils will be sent out late October 2015.

Information on how to register delegates for DM will be issued in January 2016. Branches are advised to consider potential delegate(s) nominations prior to their January branch meeting.

  • Close of motions nominations: 23 November 2015
  • Preliminary agenda: 14 December 2015
  • Close of amendments, confirmation and DM statements: 15 February 2016
  • Final agenda and annual report: 7 March 2016

Delegate Meeting (DM 2014) Eastbourne

The final motions agreed at DM 2014 (know as DM 2014 resolutions)

DM2014: The Future of Journalism. Conference round-up

hashtag #NUJDM14

Reports from conference:

Thursday 10 April

The Future of Journalism seminar.

DM 2014: Adapt, evolve or die

Friday 11 April

NUJ healthy and fighting, president declares

General secretary outlines NUJ's independent future

Unpaid work the curse of freelance classes!

National campaign against stress at work

Concerns for standards in new local television stations

Criteria for membership clarified

More women on the back page and fewer fluffy socialites in PR

Saturday 12 April

Recovery plan is working

Changes in union subscriptions

Orwell's worst dream

NUJ members of honour celebrated

Subbing hubs – the sweatshops of journalism

Not independent, without standards and unorganised

Sunday 13 April

Support journalists in South Africa

NUJ rejects Israeli goods boycott

Job-share presidency elected

DM makes union decisions

Documents for DM 2014

The final agenda for DM 2014 is now available (members only).

The NUJ report to DM 2014 is now avaliable (members only)

The preliminary agenda for DM 2014 is now available (members only).

Errata slip for preliminary agenda for DM 2014 should be read with the preliminary agenda (members only).

A review of the role of the deputy general secretary of the National Union of Journalists as a part of an ongoing review of staff responsibilities and workloads

Report to DM


The conference also scrutinises the union’s accounts and reviews reports from each sector and body of the union.

Documents from previous conferences, including the reports to DM, are available on the DM documents page.

The 2012 DM agreed to hold the conference every two years after the 2014 conference.

Sector conferences

During the DM conference, each industrial sector also organises a conference to set priorities and exchange information about recent activity and specific issues affecting members working in their own sectors.