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NUJ affiliations


The NUJ is a passionate campaigner for media freedom, the rights of journalists, workers' rights and for social justice at home and internationally.

The NUJ is an active affiliate of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), Scottish TUC, Wales TUC and the Irish Congress of Trades Unions. These federations bring together trade unions from across different industries to campaign for policies and legislation on worker's rights, employment law, equality matters, media issues, peace and social justice. We are also actively involved in Britain and in Ireland in many local trades union councils.

The NUJ is also affiliated to the Federation of Entertainment Unions, an umbrella group for unions working in the media and entertainment industries.

The union belongs to campaigning organisations such as the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF), the Institute of Employment Rights, the British Copyright Council and we also work with broad-based campaigning groups such as Liberty.

As part of the union's commitment to promote high standards in media and journalism we are also active members of the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC) and Creative Skillset, the skills organisation for the broadcasting industry.


Internationally, the NUJ is affiliated with the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). The IFJ brings together more than 500,000 journalists worldwide to promote media freedom, ethical standards in media and lobbies at the European Union, United Nations and other international bodies for the rights of journalists and media plurality.

The NUJ is also an active member of the European Federation of Journalists, which lobbies on copyright, labour rights and other key issues affecting journalists across Europe.

Internationally, journalists are persecuted for their work and basic media freedoms are denied. We work with NGO partners to help highlight abuses of media freedom.

The NUJ is an active affiliate of organisations such as Amnesty International and other organisations through which we raise issues which affect our members, both as journalists and citizens.

Trade unionists in many countries also face a denial of the basic freedoms of association. As a union committed to social justice, we work with organisations such as Justice for Colombia and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign to highlight the abuse of basic human rights wherever they occur.

From time to time, the NUJ links up with a broad range of other organisations to promote the objectives of the union set out in rule 1 of the union's rule book.

Affiliation to campaigns that promote the principles of press freedom and workers rights is democratically decided by delegates at the union's annual conference.

Affiliation to all other organisations and campaigns is subject to a ballot of the NUJ's membership.