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National Officers

The President, Vice-President and Honorary General Treasurer are members who volunteer for election and are known collectively as the national officers. Members standing for election as President and Vice- President have to be members of the NEC.

Current national officers (2018-2020)



Sian Jones

Sian Bethan Jones, NOTE pic taken from her Twitter file

Sian Jones works full time as a press officer for a busy trade union. She has many years experience in both internal and external communications in the private and not-for-profit sectors and  is endlessly proud of the work the NUJ does on behalf of members – from workplace to policy level.






 Pierre Vicary

holding image

Pierre Vicary is a radio producer at the British Broadcasting Corporation. 






Honorary General Treasurer

John Barsby

John BarsbyJohn Barsby represents East Anglia on the NEC. NUJ Member of Honour, former president and long-serving member of the NEC, John has chaired Finance Committee for several years and has been the longest-serving chair of the Broadcasting Industrial Council. Much of his work is involved in BBC negotiations and representing members in regional television and local radio.





List of former presidents

NameVenueElected Year/s
R C Spencer Birmingham 1907-09
G H Lethem Leeds 1908-11
J H Hartley Birmingham 1911-13
W T A Beare Manchester 1913-14
F E Hamer Liverpool 1914-16
E Williams Glasgow 1916-17
A Martin Manchester 1917-18
F Mansfield Leicester 1918-19
J Haslam London 1991-20
J E Brown Cardiff 1920-21
T Jay Newcastle 1921-22
T A Davies Nottingham 1922-23
W Meakin Portsmouth 1923-24
T K Sledge Southport 1924-25
T S Dickson Birmingham 1925-26
A J Rhodes Edinburgh 1926-27
H A Raybould Plymouth 1927-28
F W Bill London 1928-29
H D Nichols Cheltenham 1929-30
W G Mitchell Manchester 1930-31
W Betts Leamington 1931-32
J G Gregson Harrogate 1932-33
J H Aitken Newport (Mon.) 1933-34
E J T Didymus Stirling 1934-35
R S Forsyth Southampton 1935-36
F G Humphrey Carlisle 1936-37
F P Dickinson Torquay 1937-38
E S Bardsley Brighton 1938-39
J W T Ley Bristol 1939-40
E E Hunter Leicester 1940-41
T Foster Manchester 1941-42
D M Elliot Leeds 1942
A Kenyon London 1943-44
R J Finnemore Manchester 1944-45
A J Gibson London 1945-46
F Treavett Liverpool 1946-47
J E Jay Hastings 1947-48
L R Aldous Scarborough 1948-49
H D Moxley Weymouth 1949-50
H J Bradley Bath 1951-52
J Taylor Cambridge 1951-52
H Bate Edinburgh 1942-53
P W Jarrett Douglas (IOM) 1953-54
E A Lofts Harrogate 1954-55
A D Ramsay Margate 1955-56
G Reid Blackpool 1956-57
T Bartholomew Harrogate 1957-58
G R Mead Douglas (IOM) 1958-59
R G Venmore-Rowland Brighton 1959-60
M J Williamson Exmouth 1960-61
P G Reid Edinburgh 1961-62
K L Ley Folkstone 1962-63
W Heald Dublin 1963-64
G Byrne Blackpool 1964-65
L H Kirwan Southsea 1965-66
D C Tuckett Scarborough 1966-67
G A Hutt Manchester 1967-68
K H Holmes Eastbourne 1968-69
C Kilner Douglas (IOM) 1969-70
C Bland Harrogate 1970-71
D W Rees Bournemouth 1971-72
H Pearson Tenby 1972-73
W J Bailey Newcastle 1973-74
I Peebles Wexford 1974-75
K Ashton Cardiff 1975
R Kelly Buxton 1975-77
J Devine Ilkley 1977-78
D Macshane Whitley Bay 1978-79
J Ecclestone Ayr 1979-80
F Beckett Portrush 1980-81
H Conroy Norwich 1981-82
J Hammond Warwick 1982-83
E Barrett Dundee 1983-84
G Findlay Loughborough 1984-85
R McGuigan Bristol 1985-86
R Keogh Sheffield 1986-87
L Morrison Blackpool 1987-88
B Gunnell & S MccGwire Sheffield 1988-89
P McGill Glasgow 1989-90
D Sinclair Loughborough 1990-91
C Frost Blackpool 1991-92
J Boumelha & R Trevor London 1992-93
J Toner London 1993-94
A Halpin London 1994-95
K Connolly London 1995-96
J Dear London 1996-98
M Turnbull Blackpool 1998-99
C Loftus Eastbourne 1999-2000
D Toomer Ennis, Co. Clare 2000-2001
R MacLeod Scarborough 2001-2002
J Barsby Eastbourne 2002-2003
G Macintyre Llandudno 2003-2004
J Corrigall Liverpool 2004-2005
T Lezard Scarborough 2005-2006
C Morley Liverpool 2006-2007
M Stanistreet Birmingham 2007-2008
J Doherty Belfast 2008-2009
P Murray Southport 2009-2011
D DeLong Southport 2011-2012
B McCall Newcastle 2012-2014
A Smith & A Christie Eastbourne 2014-2016
T Dawson Southport 2016-2018