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The NUJ and me

This section of the Journalist puts the spotlight on NUJ members who work in a wide variety of roles in the media. The members talk about their career highlights and lowlights and their experience in the union.

We have taken those pages out of the magazine to collect them here on one page. Click on the small image to see a larger version. Of course, you can also find them in the print editions of the magazine and in the online archive.

NUJ and me David HenckeDavid Hencke - The Journalist December 2013/January 2014

NUJ and me Stephanie PowerStephanie Power - The Journalist Oct/Nov 2013

NUJ and me Mike SmithMike Smith - The Journalist August/Sept 2013

Zoe Williams smallZoe Williams - The Journalist June/July 2013

Rory Cellan-Jones NUJ and me (Apr 2013)Rory Cellan-Jones
The Journalist April/May 2013

Alan Jones NUJ and me (Feb 2013)Alan Jones
The Journalist February/March 2012

Frank Green NUJ and me (Dec 2012)Frank Green
The Journalist December 2011/January 2013

Lynne Wallis NUJ and me (Oct 2012)Lynne Wallis
The Journalist October/November 2012

Dawn-Maria France NUJ and me (Aug 2012)Dawn-Maria France
The Journalist August/September 2012

Pete Lazenby NUJ and me (Jun 2012)Pete Lazenby
The Journalist June/July 2012

Maeve Binchy NUJ and me (Apr 2012)Maeve Binchy
The Journalist April/May 2012

Kevin Maguire NUJ and me (Feb 2012)Kevin Maguire
The Journalist February/March 2012

Barry McCall NUJ and me (Dec 2011)Barry McCall
The Journalist December 2011/January 2012

Frances O'Grady NUJ and me (Oct 2011)Frances O'Grady
The Journalist October/November 2011

David Wooding NUJ and me (Aug 2011)David Wooding
The Journalist August/September 2011

Jilly Cooper NUJ and me (Jun 2011)Jilly Cooper
The Journalist June/July 2011

David Ayrton NUJ and me (Feb 2011)David Ayrton
The Journalist February/March 2011

Denis MacShane NUJ and me (Dec 2012)Denis McShane
The Journalist December 2010/January 2011

Jess Hurd NUJ and me (Oct 2010)Jess Hurd
The Journalist October/November 2010

Donnacha DeLong NUJ and me (Aug 2010)Donnacha DeLong
The Journalist August/September 2010

Fiona Swarbrick NUJ and me (Jun 2010)Fiona Swarbrick
The Journalist June/July 2010