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If you work as a photographer – the NUJ is the union for you.

We can help provide you with advice on work-related matters including pay and conditions, legal issues, copyright matters, disputes with non-paying clients, employment problems, technical and ethical issues.

The union can also provide advice on contracts and training as well as the chance to meet other NUJ members and be part of a larger community of photographers fighting to defend the profession.

The NUJ represents freelance photographers, staff photographers and videographers.

Photographers' council

The first meeting of the NUJ's new nationally elected photographers' council was held in July 2013.

Photographers' Council © Nigel Dickinson (International)
Photographers' Council: from left, Nigel Dickinson, Barbara Lindberg,
Pete Jenkins, Carole Edrich, Simon Chapman, Gerry McCann,
Andrew Wiard, John Jones; seated: Dominic Bascombe
© Nigel Dickinson (International)

Some of the issues NUJ photographers face include:

  • fair rates for sale of images, low shift and image rates and companies attempting to get photographers to work for no pay
  • attacks on copyright and contractual rights
  • restrictions on the right to photograph and record
  • press freedom and obstruction, harassment, assault and/or arrest of photographers and videographers. Read the guidelines for metropolitan police service staff on dealing with media
  • health, safety and working conditions for photographers and videographers.

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Contact the NUJ photographers' council (members only).