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Professor Kenny on NUJ and Mooney

PDF 266kb

Statement by Prof Colum Kenny on NUJ's criticism of BAI ruling on Mooney programme

NUJ Journalist editor advert 2014

PDF 38kb

The National Union of Journalists is inviting applications for the post of Editor of the Journalist, the union’s journal for members.

The post is subject to election by ballot of the NUJ membership every five years.

It is a full-time post based at the union's London head office, working exclusively for the union.

10 July public services strike leaflet

PDF 15kb

Leaflet for London events on Thursday 10 July for public services strike.

DM 2014 motions agreed and resolutions

PDF 279kb

The policy and motions agreed at NUJ delegate meeting (DM 2014).

NUJ race reporting guidelines May 2014

PDF 169kb

The union has ratified these guidelines for all its members to follow when dealing with race relations.

TUC guide on LGBT and mental health

PDF 911kb

TUC guide on LGBT and mental health, May 2014

NUJ copyright committee briefing for the parliamentary joint committee on copyright statutory instruments

PDF 132kb

NUJ copyright committee briefing for the parliamentary joint committee on copyright statutory instruments, May 2014

Issue 5 NUJ Informed May 2014

PDF 1262kb

The NUJ NEC newsletter NUJ Informed issue number 5 dedicated to the union's delegate meeting 2014.

TUC guide on Autism (May 2014)

PDF 182kb

Autism is a term covering a wide range of conditions that reflect neurological differences among people. It can cause social barriers which may affect the lives of people with autism at work. Autism in the workplace, a TUC guide to inform union reps and workers of the facts around the condition, and advice on how to support autistic staff to ensure they get the adjustments they may need – and are legally entitled to.

All parties must be committed to a robust register of lobbyists

PDF 396kb

Tamasin Cave, Alliance for Lobbying Transparency, on Labour's pledge to repeal the transparency of lobbying, non party campaigning and trade union administration act

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